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Meaning of Tarot Cards – The Major Arcana

Meaning of Tarot Cards – The Major Arcana

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The Fool

Positive Aspects: New beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities, unlimited opportunities, pleasure, passion, facilities
Adverse Aspects: Bad decisions, indecision, apathy, hesitation, poor choices


The Magus (or Magician)

Positive Aspects: Originality, creativity, talent, willpower, dexterity
Adverse Aspects: Weakness in Spirit, uncertainty, delays, lack of imagination


The High Priestess

Positive Aspects: Wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuition, purity, virtue, lack of patience, a teacher
Adverse Aspects: Ignorance, lack of understanding, selfishness, lies, hidden things, futility


The Empress

Positive Aspects: Action, development, fulfillment, abundance, fertility, pregnancy, mother / sister / wife, evolution
Adverse Aspects: Lack of action, lack of concentration, indecision, anxiety, infidelity

The Emperor

Positive Aspects: Attains goals, confidence, health, stability, leadership, Father / Brother / Husband, a person capable
Adverse Aspects: Immaturity, indecision, petty emotions, lack of strength

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The Heirophant (or Pope)

Positive Aspects: Social approval, linked to the conventions of society, adoption, protection, kindness, compassion, inspiration
Adverse Aspects: Offbeat, lies, false support, repeating mistakes, helplessness, vulnerability

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