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The Topology of the Universe

The Topology of the Universe

Topology of the Universe

Multidimensional realitiesIs our spatial universe infinite? Is it possible that one can exist inside of a universe with unlimited dimensions?

H.P Blavastky, in her many books, talks about how one inch of space is filled with various dimensions  that are, for us, just like layers or sheets that contain a multitude of worlds; and that in our known universe, there is not one inch that is not inhabited.

Imagine for a moment that the universe is a vast ocean and that we are living inside of a container separate from it. The reason for this appearance of separation is just a mental construct that confines our mind.  It is a concept created to be operated upon only with the scientific existence of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. How does one conceive something greater than this paradigm? How does one go back and integrate into our daily reality something that we did not even know existed?

The truth is that we know on some level, even if we are not completely conscious or in control of it, that there is an underlining multidimensionality that is inherent to human nature. For those that would start denying this possibility, ask yourself this: how would you classify your dream state? Is it just an illusion of the mind?  Or it is a dimension of reality that is present simultaneously / adjacent to our own reality? That there are dreams that can create joy, sadness and terror during our alert state is an undeniable reality.

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Each of these dimensions vibrates differently and, to some extent, needs a different set of circumstances to make our consciousness aware of its frequency. To understand how this all works on each energy plane, there are two concepts to help enlarge our mental map: Relative Perspective and Relative Intelligence.

Relative Perspective is the set of actual dimensions that an individual is able to realize based upon their idea of the world. Thus the species or the individual entity can only justify the phenomena that are scientifically proven based on their dimensions of reality and not imaginable ones. They are part of the world of consciousness of these entities. Their level of perception and acceptance of reality is based only on the perception of the “concrete” reality.

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