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Extrasensory Perception – Telepathy

Extrasensory Perception – Telepathy


How to develop telepathy

ESP cardsDeveloping extra-sensorial perception skills such as telepathy can, for some people, be very simple; while for others, it turns into a fairly complex adventure. When we talk about how to develop telepathy, we must first realize that we do not have the limitation of time and space, since the brain does not perceives impediment.  Besides, we do have a multidimensional nature in essence.

One of the most common exercises of telepathy is carried out with the Zener cards.  There are 25 cards and the telepathy exercise begins with the extraction of these letters.  By chance, the person performing the action has 5 chances of hitting the pull letters: a 20% chance. Learning telepathy allows us to capture the thoughts of different people who are far from us and through the improving of this “spiritual skill” we can communicate beneficially and harmlessly.

To know how to develop telepathy, it is necessary above all to know what our “Manipura Chakra is.  This chakra is located above the navel and is related to the solar plexus telepathy. Kicking off telepathy exercises, experts recommend finding a comfortable chair and relax deeply and imagine our radiation, all in the solar plexus.  To learn Telepathy requires a lot of concentration and the meanders of the connections that exist between body and mind. When you reach a point of readiness, vocalize the letter U.

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For more information and exercises for developing Telepathy, Members can access Telepathy Exercise for Beginners, located in the Sophia Scrolls section of the Online Resource Center.

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