Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech

"Eyes see only light, ears hear only sound, but a listening heart perceives meaning." ~David Steindl-Rast

Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech are key concepts for self-mastery.  They reside in the necessity of creating the rightful vibration between  thoughts and their expression. The awareness of this stage blooms from a mindfully trained mind. This acquired internal power will attract whatever you need for your self-realization and your complete spiritual liberation. Staying in Silence cultivates your internal power by respecting the life of others and the sacredly of everything that exists in this world. There are, nonetheless, recommendations to reach this stage. These recommendations come from various schools of wisdom and traditions, such as Kabbalah, where the simple observation of our sensorial organs can give us a brief description of our true nature.

According to Kabbalah, an individual has two ears, two eyes and just one mouth; because he needs to observe and hear more before he speaks.

The truth of these statements guides us to the inevitable need to develop a correct speech, and a moral code on speaking.  In other words, in a world interconnected by essence and influenced by archetypes, the correct speech is necessary in order to avoid distortions and its consequent resonance in the various points on the web of life. It is said that the enlighten master Buddha spent many years correcting his speech in order to reach a point of power in his spoken words.

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