The Perception of Time

Through our limited eyes of duality, we can only perceive creation in developing itself through a linear, unidirectional flow: past, present and future; the divine mind reveals itself and then it conceals itself again.

No doubt that the less understood element of our reality is the concept of time. Being an intrinsic part of our living construct, time seems to be the most intangible and fleeting component of our lives. The dualistic matrix induces us to perceive reality through a framework which encompasses three dimensions of space and only one dimension of time.  We can therefore only perceive, through our limited gauge of perception, a linear flux of time.

Nevertheless, through a metaphysical standpoint, immeasurable and infinite are the ways that the Universe organizes itself in order to continue to offer unlimited possibilities of perpetual unfolding and evolution. Through the many transpersonal and individualized understandings on the path of self–realization, one can recognize a quite diverse spectrum of experiences and finally realize the multidimensionality of and multi-directionality of time.

The ancients understood empirically the different aspects of Time and populated their imaginary with different archetypes and myths that help them understand the meandrous transitory aspects of time, creating an organized map for their own understanding.

The temporal structure of modern civilization usually employs a single word to mean "time".

The Ancient Archetypes of Time

The God Chronos

Chronos was a God of pre-Hellenic mythology to whom was ascribed functions related to agriculture, but with a negative and sinister character.  Acknowledged to be the first classic guardian of time; in Rome, he was known as Saturn. In Greek mythology, he was the youngest of six major Titans, being the son of Uranus (Heavenly sky) and Gaea, or Gaia, (the earth) and the Commander of the Titans. Annoyed with the fact that every time she had a son, the God Uranus returned him/her to her womb, Gaia conspired with one of her sons, Chronos against her husband.

Thus encouraged by his mother and helped by the brothers, the Titans, Chronos waited for his father to fall asleep and castrated him. Through this powerful act, he separated heaven from earth.

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