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The Lyra Codex II – Stella Code Vega

The Lyra Codex II – Stella Code Vega

Vega, also known as the “Falling Eagle" or "The Harp Star”, is merely the fifth brightest star in the heavenly abode, but it dominates the summer skies in the northern hemisphere. Its pictographic pillars are portals of our divine connection with All That Is, and the doorway that may lead to vital questions that concern Mankind:  the origins of Humanity as a Race.

Vega brings the gift of communication and the ability to overcome difficulties by the means of spiritual creativity. Through the influence and in-tuning of the internal vibrations with the Vega frequencies, some concrete “aptitudes” or Gifts of the Spirit can be developed; such as the gift of wisdom, the gift of knowledge, the gift of prophesy and the gift of discerning spirit.

It is important to refrain from the idea that these gifts are purely for the personal use of the Individual, for self inclined gains. When a Gift of the Spirit is conferred to someone, it is to be used in the benefit of others, to bring them comfort, guidance, healing and connection with the Divine Grace. We are always and exclusively conduits of compassion, never avatars of power.

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Lyra is a very old constellation and some ancient texts point to this assemblage of stars as the origins of our Parent Race.  It is said that from Lyra, our branch our branch of Humanity emerged. In Lyra we find the “creators” of the Matrix and the blueprint that gave us the parameters of our life stream. From Lyra also came the inevitable longing to reunite with the Divine Spark (Universal Knowledge, Universal Wisdom, and Universal Spirit-as ONE), which allows us to continue on the Spiritual path and become enlightened. In many ways, this constellation also has an esoteric connection with the principals sustained by the Egyptian Goddess Maat[4].  Maat was also personified as a goddess regulating the stars, seasons and the actions of both mortals and the deities; who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation, but above all, she embodied the Principal of the Divine Wisdom.

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